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Located in Houston, TX is the locally owned and operated green cleaning maid service of Maid Brigade of Northwest Houston. Jim and Susan Fordice are the proud owners of this Maid Brigade office. Both of them are originally from the Midwest but have moved around the country due to the corporate job Jim held before owning his own Maid Brigade. The Fordices have been in Houston for over 15 years now. In their free time they enjoy family and can’t get enough time with their children or their grandchildren. When it comes to hanging out with their grandkids soccer, baseball or camping is always involved. When Jim and Susan do get time alone they enjoy reading, ballroom dancing and spending time with their 3 dogs and cat. You can definitely say there is never a dull moment around them and that’s the way they like it!
Jim and Susan became Maid Brigade owners because they wanted to control their future. They were tired of moving wherever an employer told them and wanted to stay in Houston. They became interested in owning a franchise because Jim’s background is in franchise sales and he would communicate with franchise owners on a daily basis. He finally decided he wanted a franchise of his own.
At the Maid Brigade of Northwest Houston office they value every one of their green cleaning team members and appreciate all of the effort they put into the service they provide. They recently celebrated 4 different employee anniversaries: Clara who has been with them for 4 years, Reyna and Mary have been with them for 2 years and Nancy has been with them for 1 year.
Another team member, Laura Stark, the general manager is very involved with a local organization, Corridor Rescue, in the Houston area. Corridor Rescue is all about saving the lives of animals that have been thrown away and left to fend for themselves. These animals are usually injured and can be found in the I-59 and West Little York area of Houston known as the “Corridor of Cruelty.”
Being involved in the community is also very important to Jim and Susan. Jim sits on the Board of Directors of the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce and also contributes to many local charities. The Fordices donate cleanings to a variety of non-profits for fundraisers, one of them being Cleaning for a Reason. They have also done move-in cleanings for Habitat for Humanity and just recently finished participating in the Maid Brigade Book Drive where they donated all of the books they collected to Cypress Christian School’s library. To date, the Maid Brigade of Northwest Houston has donated approximately $4,100 in cleaning services in 2011.
What their customers have to say about the Northwest Houston green cleaning team:
“Team 2 has been with me for the past 4 years. They started while we were doing a major remodeling that took almost six months and never once complained about the amount of dust, dirt or construction mess. Now, four years later, we have just finished remodeling the master bath to make it wheelchair accessible. Again, my angels have never missed a Tuesday and never a whisper of complaint. They do little "extras" to make my life easier and never even laugh when they get here to find ANOTHER room covered in plastic. Mr. Fordyce you have some of the best trained and nicest people working for you. Team 2, Patricia and Celia, are my special angels!” – Cynthia Frazier


“Again, I couldn't be happier!! Thank you very much for your hard work! A special thanks for sweeping the front porch and for washing the dishes that I left in the sink. I just didn't have time this morning to get those out of your way. I just can't quit talking to everyone about you!! Thank you so much!” – Lisa Grogg

They service the Champions, Copperfield, Cypress, Tomball, 1960 West, and Northwest 290 areas.

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