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Hiring Cleaning Maids

You’ll find there are lots of choices out there if you are planning to hire maids to clean your house, but how can you be sure you’re hiring cleaning maids you can trust?  Start by asking yourself these simple questions:

  1. Do the cleaning maids have a business license?
  2. Do the cleaning maids carry adequate insurance?
  3. Do they comply with federal, state and local tax laws?
  4. Do they wear clearly marked cleaning uniforms?
  5. Does the company conduct background checks before hiring their cleaning maids and do they train them adequately to use the right cleaning product on the various surfaces and fixtures in your home?
  6. When you call the cleaning office to schedule an appointment or discuss your cleaning needs, do you get a live person or an answering machine?
  7. Do they care about your satisfaction and do they respond to your feedback on how the cleaning maids are doing?
  8. What cleaning products do they use and are they safe for your family and pets?
  9. Are the maids concerned with the environmental impact of cleaning chemicals and equipment and do they take steps to limit negative effects of the cleaning maids’ activities on the planet?
  10. If the maids claim to provide green cleaning, what certifications do they hold?  For a list of green cleaning questions you may want to ask see our Green House Cleaning Checklist (links to PDF on current “How to Choose…” page)
Trained, Certified, Uniformed, Insured