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Do you have a home maid to take care of the cleaning?  Or, are you like six in ten women in America, where the home maid in your household is you?  If so, you may also be one of the 72 percent of women who feels as if they work a “2nd shift”, coming home to another job cooking, cleaning and managing the home AFTER spending a full day in the work force. First of all, you sound like a supermom, and second of all, just thinking about of all of this is making us tired! You deserve a break!

If you are the home maid in your house chances are you are suffering from a case of work/life balance …or more accurately a lack thereof. If you feel a lack of work-life balance due to being the home maid in your home, it may be time to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to relieve you of the burden of house cleaning.  We surveyed women earlier this year, along with our partner Mom Corps, and found out that the clear majority of women with cleaning help hire out the task of cleaning in order to have more time for other things.  Also, over twice as many women with cleaning help said that having the help gave them better work-life balance. Wouldn’t you like to be one of these women?

The women in our survey who were their own home maid also felt that having outside help instead of doing it all themselves, would give them greater work/life balance. Who knows? With a hired home maid you may even find time to read that book you’ve had sitting on your nightstand for the last six months. Or maybe you’ll have time to fit in an extra date night with your husband. Perhaps you’ll just some enjoy some quality time relaxing on the couch.

If you are experiencing the “2nd shift” phenomenon, and you are your household’s home maid, maybe it’s time to take a look at Maid Brigade.  We’ll give you consistent, thorough cleaning service that’s healthier for you and your family AND we’ll give you back time, better work/life balance, and peace of mind. That’s a winning combination that you can’t go wrong with!

If you are uncertain that you need regular service, give Maid Brigade a try for a seasonal deep clean, or maybe an occasional cleaning before your next big party.  Maid Brigade allows you customize your clean for whatever tasks are most needed at the moment and we offer a wide range of services and prices for every taste and every budget. We offer the flexibility you need, the expertise you value, and the quality of service our reputation is founded upon.  If you’re the home maid, maybe it’s time to hang up your apron and call the experts.

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