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Why a House Cleaning Job with Maid Brigade?

Are you looking for house cleaning jobs? You’ve come to the right place. Maid Brigade is the leading company in the cleaning industry with over thirty years of experience and established cleaning practices. Maid Brigade is the perfect place for a house cleaning job and you won’t regret the decision to join our team.

Why is Maid Brigade the best maid service to work for?
• We care about our maids and our cleaning company offers a family-friendly environment. Our motto is “We are maid Brigade.” This applies to everyone from our CEO to the maids working in our house cleaning jobs.
• Maid Brigade will provide assistance to our maids in learning English.
• We want all of our maids to succeed and grow as our house cleaning company grows. We offer advancement opportunities to all house cleaning job positions.
• Maid Brigade is proud to be the only house cleaning company to be Green Clean Certified® and proud that we use Green Seal certified cleaning products for the health of our customers and maids. Other house cleaning jobs could expose you to toxic chemicals that are found in traditional cleaning products, but as a Maid Brigade employee you won’t have to worry about the health impact of your job.

Are you qualified for a House Cleaning Job with Maid Brigade?

Even if you have no prior cleaning experience, other than cleaning your own home, you could be a perfect fit for one of Maid Brigade’s house cleaning jobs. We provide an extensive training program to show new employees how to clean to Maid Brigade standards. Our maids—or team members as we prefer to call them—have different backgrounds, different ages and different levels of experience. However, all of our team members who have a house cleaning job with Maid Brigade have several things in common.

What does it take to have a house cleaning job with Maid Brigade?
• Our maids are hardworking and dedicated employees.
• Our maids are reliable and trustworthy. They show up to work on time and come ready to do their job.
• Our maids are professional and represent us well in the community.

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