Maid Brigade of Northeast Ohio
1506 Whipple Ave. NWCantonOH 44708

Canton, OH Maid Service

Maid Brigade of Northeastern Ohio is located in Canton, Ohio

Canton, Ohio is perhaps not as well known as Cleveland or Akron and yet it is filled with wonderful history, shopping, restaurants and the famed Professional Football Hall of Fame. Just south of Akron, Ohio, Canton is where Maid Brigade of Northeastern Ohio calls its home. Located at 2027 Fulton Ave NW in Canton, the Maid Brigade headquarters is where all of your green house cleaning scheduling takes place.

“We offer regular staff meetings, customer service training and updates in the latest green cleaning techniques for all of our Maid Brigade employees,” says co-owner Margie Toombs. “Keeping our staff well informed and well trained is a priority for our Maid Brigade location.”

Both Margie and Ray Toombs, owners of the Maid Brigade Northeastern Ohio location, are long-time Canton area residents and have established valuable relationships with residents and businesses in the area. 

“It is important that we take the time to be involved and to help in whatever way possible in the Canton area communities,” says co-owner, Ray Toombs. “We don’t just work here, we live here, and both of us feel a strong connection with the community.”

Here’s what one satisfied Canton customer has to say about their Maid Brigade experience:
The employees of Maid Brigade have saved my life.  I have health issues and the cleaning they provide has helped to relieve my stress.  I just love each and every one of the ladies that come and clean my house.  They are terrific.” -Renee K., Canton, OH