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Housekeeping Services: The Secret to Work/Life Balance

Wouldn’t we all like to have a cleaner home? After working all day, running errands, and perhaps with rambunctious little ones at home, it can be difficult to maintain that sparkling level of clean you’d like. The housekeepers at Maid Brigade are your solution. Our teams provide a high quality clean, and we guarantee the same level of quality every time. After all, our motto is “Your Home. Cleaner.”

Not only do the housekeepers at Maid Brigade instill confidence in their work, you can rest easy knowing that your home is free from germs AND toxic chemicals. Think about any product traditionally used as a home cleaner. Every one of them contains chemicals that are released into the air you breathe and cover the surfaces of your home. So the dirt and germs are gone, but you’re replacing them with something potentially as harmful to your health! Call us today to learn more about how we protect you and the environment.

Our housekeeping services keep your home cleaner but without the health risks. As the nation’s leader in green cleaning, we rely solely on green processes and solutions. Our proven method leaves no harmful residues behind, so your family can enjoy the sparkling clean without worry. Maids use microfiber cloths that trap and hold more dust, dirt, and germs than conventional cloths or paper towels. They, also, last longer which reduces landfill waste. We use powerful, 4-stage filtration vacuums that trap 99.97% of all particles 1 micron and larger. This includes pollen, pet dander, dust, dirt, dust mites, and other respiratory irritants which can dirty your home. Unlike others, our top priority is the health of customers and employees.

Who are Maid Brigade’s housekeepers? They are wives, mothers, sisters, neighbors, and upstanding citizens in each of the communities we serve. Our maids are valued employees who strive to excel in their roles of making your life easier. Each member of our team takes pride in helping customers improve their quality of life by providing a clean home, a safe home, and time back in your day!

Our teams are comprised of individuals who we trust in our own homes. They are screened and undergo background checks before receiving a job offer. This process ensures we uphold our promise of trustworthiness. Every new team member is trained and certified in our exclusive Green Clean Certified® method. Our housekeeping staff arrives in uniform, driving professionally marked cars. You can feel safe knowing that it’s the professionals from Maid Brigade arriving at your home, ready to green clean! Complete the FREE Estimate Form to get started on a no obligation quote.

Maid Brigade & MomCorp partner to study work/life balance

Maid Brigade partnered with Mom Corps to conduct a survey on Work/Life balance, and we found that 60% of respondents rely on a housekeeping service so they can have time for other things on their list. Likewise, 72% of respondents felt they work a “second shift” at home, spending time cooking and cleaning after a full day’s work. And another telling statistic, 75% of women surveyed said they did not have proper work/life balance.
The women in our survey who did their own housekeeping, also, felt that having outside help instead of doing it all themselves would provide a greater work/life balance. Who knows? With Maid Brigade as you green cleaning service, there’s finally time to start reading that book on your nightstand, enjoy a quick mani- / pedi-, or just take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes.

Maid Brigade is the housekeeping service for you!

Housekeeping services come in all shapes and sizes with a wide range of pricing options and duties performed. How do you know which housekeeping service is right for you? Maid Brigade makes the answer to that question very simple. We perform superior cleanings every time, and our quality is guaranteed.

Consistency and thoroughness are pillars of our business!

For more information about Maid Brigade’s housekeeping services, please visit our locations page to get in touch with someone in your area.

Trained, Certified, Uniformed, Insured