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Complete cleaning and disinfection without ANY chemicals at all!

Introducing Maid Brigade’s exclusive VapurCleanTM Advantage...the most powerful cleaner and disinfectant and yet the gentlest cleaning process for your family. VapurCleanTM deep cleans and disinfects kitchens, bathrooms, counters, floors, upholstery and every other surface in your home using only water.

How can something as mild as water be lethal to germs and dirt?

With Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation (TANCS®) technology, VapurCleanTM uses the naturally occurring minerals in tap water to form crystals. As the crystals pass through the boiler tank they gain energy from the heat. Then, when the water transforms into super-heated low-moisture steam, these energized crystals are accelerated along with the steam. This process helps disrupt the cell membrane, allowing lethal temperatures to quickly destroy the germs. This activity is confined to the surface being treated or cleaned and is lethal for germs, yet safe for you.

Experience the VapurCleanTM Advantage, exclusively from Maid Brigade


Because the process is so effective, you’ll see long-lasting results between cleanings. With VapurCleanTM your family can enjoy a clean home that remains germ-free longer.

Babies, children, pets, the elderly and others with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable to these germs as well as the harsh cleaning chemicals traditionally used to fight them. But our VapurCleanTM system eliminates the germs and the toxic chemicals to help keep your family safe and healthy.

These exclusive VapurClean AdvantageTM services are available today at participating Maid Brigade locations:


*The EPA Registration No. for Advanced Vapor Technologies’ TANCS system is 82121-WA-01.

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