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Maid Brigade is 30 Years Strong!

The magic that transforms a home from dirty to clean is part art, part science. And both have changed a lot over the years. Maid Brigade knows, because we’ve been diligent in studying and perfecting the art and science of cleaning since 1985, the year we opened our first franchise.

Back when we first started, there were far fewer types of surfaces to clean, so less skill and knowledge was required to clean things well without damaging or degrading them over time. There was far less science applied to equipment, like vacuums, so it was harder to be effective and still efficient. And there was far less understood about how the chemicals in cleaning supplies can be damaging to humans, pets and the environment.

We’ve been around three decades now, but we are not stagnant or stuck in traditions. In fact, we are leading the way.

Old, but Not in the Way!

Maid Brigade prides itself on leading the industry through all this change, constantly researching and testing and tweaking our system as new information and technologies emerge. We were the first cleaning company to commit to converting our entire system to green cleaning – and the first and only national house cleaning company to require that all our cleaning professionals become Green Clean Certified® - so that we can consistently clean well, in a healthy manner that’s safer for humans, pets and the environment. And our customers like it so well that we consistently earn “A” marks from them, all throughout our network of house cleaning franchises.

Leading Through Caring.

A lot has changed in 30 years. But, in Maid Brigade, one thing will always remain constant: our caring heart is at the core of everything we do.

Through our transformation from a 1980’s cleaning company to a 21st century leader in the cleaning industry, the constant element has been our values: Be Safe, Be Helpful, Be Ambitious, Be Proud, Be the Example, and Be Genuine. Because we know how important the work we do is, we take our jobs very, very seriously. And that means staying informed, being willing to take risks and acting with integrity – all for the sake of fulfilling our mission to improve the quality of life of everyone associated with our brand, like you!

With 30 years of expertise in cleaning for health, when you want help cleaning, we’re the cleaning help you want.