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2017 Cleaning Calendar

How to keep your home clean year-round and still have a life.

Maybe you found yourself inspired to make a change when your annual Fall/Winter Wardrobe Switch did NOT go without a hitch. Or maybe it was when you were trying to prepare for guests before the holidays. That’s when most people formally proclaim a new year’s resolution related to house cleaning.

Whether your plan to approach house cleaning differently in 2017 has been in the making for a while or is brand new (maybe even inspired by these images!), taking a holistic view of the entire year’s worth of cleaning will help set the stage for an orderly and manageable transition for your home and for you.


Click the image above to DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE Cleaning Calendars for weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual DIY cleaning checklists.

For do-it-yourself (DIY) cleaners, getting your home clean and keeping it clean year-round does not require week-long cleaning binges – in fact we recommend against this practice. Because dirt keeps on coming, regardless of whether your home is clean or filthy, we believe cleaning should be more of a continuous motion. We don’t mean 24/7 – just that every day some task or tasks is completed that contributes to your home’s cleanliness.

The problem is that without a clearly defined plan to execute all the tasks necessary for overall cleanliness, only certain areas will be cleaned adequately. You won’t see (or enjoy) the fruits of your labor, get discouraged and quit trying. INSTEAD, use our complete, handy Cleaning Checklists to keep you on track. Follow these DIY Checklists and have confidence that you are not overlooking any tasks or doing them more often than necessary.

DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE Cleaning Calendars for weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual DIY cleaning checklists.


Follow the program outlined below, and keep yourself on track using the printable checklists (no background colors) included.

It’s simple, really. Every week you’ll have some standard tasks plus some seasonal tasks that cycle in one to four times per year. Here’s how to make this cleaning calendar and checklists work for you:

    • Print out the weekly cleaning checklist. Each week, follow the weekly cleaning checklist included.
    • Print out 12 monthly cleaning checklists and label them by month.
    • Using the Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Checklists, copy each task to one of the monthly cleaning checklists, making sure to include them all. Assign quarterly and semi-annual tasks to multiple months.
    • Each week, from the appropriate monthly cleaning checklist, choose two or three tasks to complete and check off, so that all can be finished by the end of the month.

Every time you finish a seasonal task, check it off the appropriate checklist to make sure you stay on track for the year. With this method, you won’t forget or overlook a thing but you’ll also avoid spending whole Saturdays (or weekends) cleaning.


Download your printable version of the 2017 Cleaning Calendar and start to enjoy a clean home, year-round, and still have a life! What are you waiting for?


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