Your Cleaning Business Start-Up

The cost to start a cleaning service is lower than you think! So if you’ve been wondering whether this is a good time to start a cleaning service, the answer is yes! Consider these two big ideas:

4 key reasons the cost to start a cleaning service is so affordable with Maid Brigade:

  1. Low overhead: Unlike other franchise concepts, a cleaning business is a service business – your customers don’t ever need to come to your office, so it doesn’t have to be a fancy, expensive retail space in the most popular part of town. So, your rent will be much more affordable than a retail operation – significantly improving your bottom line.
  2. Moving billboards: Dynamic 4-color car wraps are like moving billboards, increasing awareness for your cleaning service in the most important areas of your territory – where your customers live! Your cleaners have to get around town anyway, so why not get double-duty out of your transportation investment? Forget expensive direct mail and newspaper ads – cars are the most cost efficient way to reach new customers offline and point them to the prospect estimate form on our website.
  3. Upward mobility: Your franchise fee is based on the number of households in your territory that qualify TODAY. But, our research shows that 1 in 5 women cleaning their own homes today plan to have cleaning service in the future. With each passing week, people are buying homes, getting raises and promotions, having children and experiencing other life changes that will put them in the market for cleaning service. So, your cost to start a cleaning service will be based on current local qualified household counts, which is only a fraction of the homes you’ll be serving as your cleaning service (and market) grows and matures.
  4. World class support: In addition to the brand marks and superior reputation, Maid Brigade cleaning service owners tap into the wisdom of successful franchise owner-mentors and marketing executives who have proven the success of our model over the course of their collective 179 years with our brand (14.9 years on average). That’s a lot of experience to bring to bear on your growth potential! Your training and on-going support will begin with three full weeks of executive and field training before you officially open your cleaning service. Continuing education is available through webinars, regional meetings, our annual convention and our password-protected, owners-only private web site.

If you’ve been asking yourself what it would cost to start a cleaning service, here’s how much will you need up front:

Maid Brigade Initial Investment

In addition to the initial franchise fee and opening inventory costs, advertising is the single most important investment to include in the cost to start a cleaning service. That’s why we include the first 3 months’ worth of advertising costs and working capital in the initial investment estimate:




Initial Franchise Fee



Opening Inventory



Advertising & Working Capital



Total Initial Investment



Maid Brigade has been ranked a Top 100 Franchise by Entrepreneur, a Top 50 Franchise for minorities and vets by USA Today, and a Top 25 Franchise for Hispanics by the World Franchising Network. And we are the only cleaning service company (franchise or not) that is Green Clean Certified®.

We have many excellent territories available in the US, Canada and around the world. Please contact us for more information:

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