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What's Under Your Kitchen Sink?

Take a look at your arsenal and examine the products you trust to make your home clean and enjoyable for your family. Do you know what ingredients are in your favorite products? What about the ones in the back, that only get used sometimes? Are you using green cleaning products?

Ingredients are not required on cleaning product labels and, if they are posted you’re not likely to be able to pronounce or recognize them. Therefore, it’s often time-consuming and cumbersome to research all of the cleaning products in your cabinets. Since the product ingredients aren’t required to be printed on the label, most people don’t have a starting point. But with some education, it’s easy to make more informed decisions and experience a green clean.

A word to the wise: never have "Warning!" or "Danger!" chemicals under your sink. If you must have them, store them in a room that you can partition off from the main traffic flow. We don’t yet know about emanation levels through packaging over time, but we do know that vapors are an exposure point. Note that relative toxicity is based on a 180-pound male for the Signal Words. Women and children tend to be lighter. Pound for pound, their exposure will be greater.

One of the main philosophies of green living in general is to use the mildest method that is still effective. This holds true in the realm of house cleaning and is central to the philosophy of various green certifications for the cleaning industry. A healthy home is, after all, a clean home.