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House Cleaners that Are Healthy

We tend to think of house cleaners as good things – they help us clean up our messes, kill germs and leave an overall healthy environment we can enjoy. But the truth is, there are lots of house cleaners that contain unhealthy ingredients, chemicals which can make our indoor environment less healthy.

Fragrances are a great example. Manufacturers have been training us for generations that we can tell by the way our house smells whether or not our house is clean. It must be working because house cleaner brands compete against each other with fragrance innovation. Ocean mist, linen, arctic blast, and tropical rain forest are exotic sounding names for cleaning products, which conjure up notions of positive results – not just a clean home but a sort of sanctuary where mind and body can relax, even heal.

Most consumers don’t know that fragrances in house cleaners can cause health problems ranging from mild to very severe. Moreover, the manufacturers don’t have to disclose these particular ingredients on labels for cleaning products because fragrance formulas are considered trade secrets and are not required to be disclosed on product packaging.

It’s the chemical ingredients that cause the scents in house cleaners to linger in the air which create a health risk. Health problems associated with these chemicals include headache, disorientation, neurological problems, reproductive problems, and asthma or allergy attacks. There are other chemical ingredients in house cleaners that can create health risks for people and pets as well.

So how will you know whether your exotic-scented house cleaner can cause health problems? It is difficult and time consuming to research products to learn all of the ingredients in the products you use. The safest bet is to mix your own house cleaners following Maid Brigade’s house cleaning tips with natural products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and salt. Or, look for unscented varieties of your favorite house cleaners, or switch to brands that offer an unscented option.

Maid Brigade uses green house cleaners that are certified by Green Seal to be safer, yet equally effective, for cleaning your home. We offer Green Clean Certified® service because we want to protect the families that we serve and the maids we employ. Our house cleaners don’t include harmful fragrances which can cause health risks.

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