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Maid Brigade Opens New Franchise in St. Charles, MO

St. Charles, MO October 11, 2010 – Nathan Supinksi announced today that Maid Brigade is ready to give the families of St. Charles area back their free time. The green house cleaning service has served thousands of communities throughout North America for over two decades, providing the most thorough and consistent cleanings available – and also the healthiest.
“Maid Brigade really impressed me among other house cleaning companies with their professionalism and service excellence. I’m proud to own and manage the St. Charles franchise and provide this practical solution to families in the area so that they can have more time for other things, like family, career and community. Maid Brigade stands out as being the most customer-focused service around,” says Supinksi.
Maid Brigade is the first and only national house cleaning company fully committed to green cleaning. The company converted to a healthier, safer cleaning program when faced with growing scientific evidence that conventional cleaning products and methods are linked to a variety of illnesses in children, adults, the elderly, the infirmed, even pets.
Serious about providing the most effective yet healthiest cleaning service possible for the benefit of its customers and staff, Maid Brigade took extensive measures to research and develop a green cleaning protocol it has standardized throughout all its locations. In advance of an established government or third party green cleaning standard for the residential cleaning industry, Maid Brigade developed its own Green Clean Certified® system, patterned on Green Seal’s standard for the residential cleaning industry. Green Seal’s product eco-labeling program sets the standard for environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and identifies them as such. In addition to using Green Seal certified cleaning solutions and processes, Maid Brigade’s vacuums are certified through the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Program meeting stringent standards for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance. Maid Brigade’s system also eliminates cross-contamination of surfaces and prevents the transfer of bacteria from room to room. By using microfiber cloths and mops instead of cotton or paper, along with concentrated cleaning solutions, Maid Brigade reduces solid waste, lessening environmental impact.
The St. Charles franchise has completed the company’s formal certification process and provides Maid Brigade’s exclusive Green Clean Certified® system to all the clients it serves. The process includes proper training with the cleaning solutions, processes and equipment and educating all cleaning staff. “We researched green cleaning and tested our system in several different franchise offices, cleaning hundreds of customer homes for several months before launching our certification process. Our franchisees have fully supported our decision to convert to green cleaning; it is better for our customers and our staff, not to mention the environment,” said Howard Purdy, Maid Brigade’s Executive Vice President of Operations.”
The company reports that customer quality card scores have increased since Maid Brigade instituted its Green Clean Certified service. “I looked at the numbers. Quality card scores averaged 92 out of 100 before Maid Brigade went green. The average has steadily climbed and today quality scores average 94 out of 100. It was a great corporate decision and it really sets Maid Brigade apart,” Supinksi said.
About Maid Brigade
Headquartered in Atlanta, Maid Brigade is a North American house cleaning service with more than 400 franchised service areas operating in the United States and Canada. Established in 1979, Maid Brigade remains at the forefront of the house cleaning industry, commanding a healthy and growing market share every year since its inception. The company responded to reports from the Environmental Protection Agency that indoor environments are up to five times more polluted than the outdoor environment by
offering the Green Clean Certified® system nationwide in 2007. For more information, visit or call 636-329-0600.
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