Maid Brigade Precautions in Response to COVID-19
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Existing customers: 317-781-6243

To our customers,

We recognize the ongoing and increased uncertainty that Coronavirus (COVID 19) is causing. Our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees. With that in mind, we want to update you on the actions we have taken in response to the outbreak.

  • We will not send sick employees into your home. Employees exhibiting any symptoms will be sent home immediately.
  • The CDC is recommending that people clean and disinfect their living services. Maid Brigade is skilled and equipped to complete the tasks.
  • Team members have been instructed to practice “Social Distancing” while in customer home. Until this crisis is has ended, we have instructed our employees to not be within 6 feet of any person in the home.
  • Maid Brigade is disinfecting all our equipment daily.
  • The cleaning cloths we bring into your home are clean and unused.
  • Each night the cleaning cloths are laundered with a cup of hospital grade sanitizer as will detergent and hot water. They are dried on the high heat setting in the dryer.
  • Maid Brigade will not clean a customer’s home if someone within the home test positive until 14 days have passed since the positive test.
  • To protect our employees and customers, we will not clean homes if anyone in the home is sick or showing flu-like symptoms.

Please help us protect safety of staff and other customers by doing the following:

  • If someone in your home is sick, please contact us to reschedule your cleaning appointment.
  • We ask you to help keep our staff and customer base safe and practice social distancing with our team members. If possible, please go to an area of your home that is away from our employees.
  • If someone in your home has tested positive, awaiting test results or in quarantine please contact our office to reschedule your cleaning appointment.

We have been dealing with COVID-19 since late March 2020 and have had success in keeping our clients and staff safe following these guidelines. Let’s not let our guard down. We are all in this together. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Your Maid Brigade Family

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