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MB Plus


We are happy to offer Signature Home Services, priced as follows:



Wash dishes


Clean garbage disposal


Clean and organize pantry


Clean and organize fridge


Clean and tidy closet


Clear dryer lint tray

$ 2.00

Clean trash cans and trash area (indoors)


Empty and replace de-humidifier reservoir

$ 3.50

Replace shower liner

$ 3.50

Replace mattress pad

$ 7.00

Fold/hang clothes


Wash exterior front door

$ 5.00

Wash exterior front door, sidelights and transom


Clean mailbox

$ 5.00

Clean/vacuum car interior


Deep vacuum pet bed and crate


Water plants


Feed pets (per pet, per meal)

$ 3.50

Basic vacation upkeep


Deliver charitable donations


*Fee varies per home/visit and is based on time taken to complete this task.


Below you will find details about some of our newest offerings, including what you’ll receive when you request pantry organization, closet organization and/or vacation upkeep services.

Basic Pantry Organization

  1. Empty and Purge
    • Remove all items from pantry
    • Discard items that are expired
  2. Clean
    • Wipe down all shelves
    • Sweep Pantry Floor
  3. Sort - Items to be arranged as follows:
    • Canned Goods
    • Cereal and breakfast items
    • Grains and pastas (includes rice, quinoa, couscous, etc)
    • Sauces and condiments
    • Oils (olive, canola and includes chicken/beef stock)
    • Baking products (Flour, sugar, baking powder, etc)
    • Dried spices (Salt, pepper, basil, etc.)
    • Nuts and Seeds (raw nuts, flax seeds, etc.)
    • Bread (also bagels, tortillas, etc)
    • Root vegetables (beets, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, etc)
    • Beverages
    • Paper and plastic products
    • Pet food/treats
    • Small appliances

      Additional sorting procedures (as per customer instruction):
    • Make kid-friendly items more accessible
    • Heavy items near the bottom
    • Rarely used items at the top
    • Frequently used items at eye level

Basic Clean & Tidy of Closet

    • Dust Shoes
    • Arrange clothes by color and occasion
    • Arrange by type (i.e. Shirts, blouses, dress, etc)
    • Arrange top shelf items in a more organized manner
    • Tired of old hangers? Leave out new hangers and we’ll switch them out, hanging your clothes by your specifications
    • Don’t want to switch out spring and winter clothing? Leave out the upcoming season’s wardrobe and we’ll switch it out for you. We’ll place past season’s clothes into the same storage containers while placing the upcoming season’s clothes in your closet.
    • Have clothes you don’t wear, but just can’t bare to get rid of? We’ll do it for you! Place any unwanted clothes in an area you designate away from the closet and we’ll take them away for you and donate them to an organization of your choice!
    • Hand wipe Baseboards

Basic Vacation Upkeep

    • Water plants
    • Take in mail/packages (up to 20 lbs)
    • Check on/feed pets
    • Concerned about the temperature of your home? We’ll check your thermostat(s) to be sure they’re set to your desired temperature
    • Think you may have left an appliance on or plugged in? We can turn off or unplug any appliances at your request
    • Not sure if you locked every door and window of your home? We can check each one to make sure they’re secure.
    • Accidentally left out your spare key? We’ll bring it inside and put it somewhere safe.
    • Forgot to get rid of some perishable foods before you left? We’ll get rid of those for you.
    • Turn on/off various lights to give the appearance that someone is home.

Have a need for tasks you don’t see on this list? Let us know and we’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs!

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