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Customer Testimonials

Ketty M.

"Maid Brigade services my home every other Wednesday, and my son's home every third Monday. I am at both houses when Mireya and her team or Lety and her team work. Both teams are friendly and cheerfully do their work. They do an excellent and thorough job of cleaning.

I am impressed with the superior professionalism and job excellence. I highly recommend Maid Brigade to any and all people who would like to have their homes sparkling clean!

I also am impressed with how well the company cares for its employees. I also appreciate their being 'green' for the environment."

Sally C.

“First & foremost, they do a great job cleaning! I particularly appreciate the ability to make comment after each job, and the oversight that Maid Brigade provides. I am impressed with the personal service, i.e. emails and calls directly to me if something was missed. And the way Maid Brigade is always striving to provide additional help–Spring Cleaning specials for instance. Also their support of our community, asking for food to donate to the Food Bank in particular. Maid Brigade is an all-around class act.”

Ann D.
“I like the consistency of the service. I like that I am asked for feedback after every cleaning with the comment card. And of course I love the quality of the service.”

Angela H.

“Love that my home doesn’t smell toxic when I come home – clean, but not chemically. I love coming home to a clean house. I like that they come and go while I am not home, that when they couldn’t find my trash can, they left a note explaining why the trash wasn’t taken out, and the option to direct debit. I also love that they bring their own equipment and I don’t have to think about having stuff ready for them. But most of all, have I mentioned how much I love coming home to a clean house?”

Ivy M.

“I love that you are open to feedback, and are totally willing to get it right and make sure we are satisfied. I also love that you are very respectful of our home and work in a very organized, efficient manner. No stone goes unturned and undusted, so to speak.”
Amelia L.
“I love coming into a clean house. And the Maid Brigade cleaners managed to clean my house much better than I can. They got our stove top shiny again, (don’t know how), after I practically ruined it years ago by letting some jam boil over. When we had our first initial super-clean, I hadn’t realized how dusty the house was until I came in and it was absolutely spotless. The cleaning staff are very nice people, and it means a lot to me that they get proper benefits, and are working with green and healthy supplies. I wouldn’t work with a company that exploited or harmed their employees.”

Jennifer O.

“The work is complete and thorough and there are nice little touches that tickle me like folded hand towels and toilet paper roll ends.”

Sharon S.

“Consistent team cleans my home. They love my dog and always do a nice job. Always very friendly.”

Marie H.

“Reliable service, flexibility. Actually the fact that you provide health insurance to your employees, and only allow them to use non-health-hazardous cleaning materials is why I stay with you.”

Jessica L.

“I appreciate coming home to a house that has been cleaned for us and knowing care has been taken to use products that are healthier for us and the environment.”

Chris D.

“The staff is professional, thorough and efficient. They come in like a whirlwind and get the job done in good time, but also with good quality. I’ve been home a few times when they’ve been there and was surprised at some of the attention to detail that I saw. Especially getting rid of cobwebs where the wall and ceilings meet. Wow. They don’t take any shortcuts and are hard working.”

Jessica B.

“Very consistent, and the cleaning is like military clean. I love all the small touches and attention to detail that is presented in my home after a long day at work, it’s so nice!”

Linda C.

“Work done by a team. Never have to worry about someone alone in my house. You provide good benefits for employees. You don’t use harmful chemicals. The work is meticulous & meets my needs; quickly corrected, if I have a problem. It’s easy to work with you via email or phone.”

Denyce W.

“The professional communication. Before using “Maid Brigade” It was difficult for me to address cleaning issues with someone who does it on the side. “Maid Brigade” staff members are so well trained; I don’t even have concerns about the service. They are always making sure that the job has been well done!”

Marilyn R.

“The way I want to have things is the way I can have them. Wow what a great idea. Only a quick mention of something, and I never have to worry about it again. The work is excellent, and I have referred you to folks I know already, which is not something I do lightly. I am unable to do things like I used to because of knee trouble, and not having to worry about trying to do it is a huge weight off me. Thanks for your help, and thanks for tolerating my noisy vacuum eating little dog.”

Kate F.

“I like that it’s green, I like that it’s consistent, and I have appreciated the quick follow-up whenever I have had the littlest of concerns. And I like that my house looks great!”

James B.

“I don’t recall when my wife, Kate, and I signed up with your service to our home. I know that it’s been years, not months. We came to Portland via Omaha, Neb., the home of ”The Maids.” Over the months we have used your services, I have been impressed how keenly interested you have been in the quality of your work. Your weekly card requesting a response is quite a tribute to your work. Today your team, not only did what they always do well, but you cleaned out the fridge, which is a plus for us. What a great job on everything. I’m writing because I think it’s important for you to know how grateful we are for your service and because people often wait until they have a major complaint. But the complaints don’t run the business, satisfaction does. We are very satisfied customers”

Beverly L.

“I know I am terrible about sending in the cards, especially when you make it so easy. I just want to say that the crew is doing excellent work. I have no complaints. I am usually in my computer room while they are here. On the last visit, we had company and the girls had to work around us. This was the first time I had watched them work. They came in and got right to work. They didn’t waste any time. I was impressed by how thorough they were. They are worth every cent.”