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Well-being and Shared Duties SURVEY 2016


Take our survey BEFORE NOON (PT) on JULY 1, 2016 to be entered to win $1000 in free house cleaning service by Maid Brigade!

This survey is our 6th annual survey to better understand domestic influencers on one's sense of personal well-being. SO FAR our survey respondents have rated themselves a B- on well-being, which is a slight improvement from previous years' scores, which were always C+ on average. How do you rate YOUR well-being?

One possible explanation for this uptick may be centered on the division of labor around the home. while most women still say they do more of the household chores, a surprising 40% say the duties are split evenly between them and their spouse or partner. And 37% of men say they are doing more than half of the chores.


Does this ring true for you? Take our survey and let us know about the division of labor in your household.

"Well-being has a direct impact on quality of life," says Marie Stegner, Maid Brigade's consumer health advocate and blogger. Maid Brigade uses its survey findings to expand its understanding of the audience it serves and thereby maximize its contribution to improved well-being and quality of life.

Consumers who complete the online survey before July 1, 2016 at noon (PT) are automatically entered to win $1000 in house cleaning service from Maid Brigade (or the cash equivalent if the winner lives outside our service area).

The survey is roughly 25 questions and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Take the survey HERE.