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Introducing Complete Home Cleaning and Disinfection with our PURE Cleaning System!

Maid Brigade is revolutionizing the housecleaning industry with our PURE Cleaning system, which includes products that are highly effective, non-toxic and even better than our traditional Green Clean Certified™ solutions. With deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, and current tools and equipment only reaching about 25% of room surfaces, yesterday's cleaning and infection control systems are obsolete. Today, you need a system based on innovative and practical technology that is able to deliver superior performance. You need verifiable, predictable, and repeatable results. You need to make your space safer and healthier for you and your family. You need PURE Cleaning, exclusively from Maid Brigade!

  • Our multi-surface cleaner, which is used on all surfaces throughout your home, is electrolyzed water produced from electrolysis. It is made up of softened water, a small amount of salt and electricity to create a concentrated solution that contains no dyes, fragrances, or phosphates.
  • This electrolyzed water solution cuts grease and lifts residue and provides a more effective and healthier cleaning than you’d get with any other conventional and even “green” products on the market thus creating a pure environment for you and your loved ones.
  • Traditional cleaning solutions that you’re used to are designed to bond with dirt rather than break it down, so surfaces never fully become clean even after a “cleaning”. These residues can also be harmful the longer they go without truly being eradicated because they become a food source for microbes and bacteria which, if allowed to grow, will morph into superbugs and create highly contaminated surfaces causing irritants, allergens, and illness to the human body.
  • When our multi-surface cleaner touches dirt, germs, and bacteria, it breaks them into miniscule particles that our cloths and mops can easily remove. Not only does it leave zero residue behind, but it will also remove all residual scum that has built up over time from other products.