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Most maid services can wash your windows, clean your floors and scrub your toilets.  But it may not be obvious at first that independent house cleaning or inferior maid services often require you to micromanage them.  That takes valuable time and energy – time you don’t have!  Choosing the right maid service is really a quality of life decision, then.  When Maid Brigade comes to clean we take care of everything, so you can spend time doing what matters most, not house cleaning!  When you hire Maid Brigade, you’ll get your Saturday morning back!  But you’ll also get a whole lot more.

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Meet Marie Stegner

Maid Brigade's Consumer Health Advocate

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Committed to Green Cleaning for health.

Maid Brigade takes green cleaning very seriously. So much so that, even if we never perform our miraculous house cleaning service in your home, we want you to be aware of the hidden risks associated with typical house cleaning services. Of course, we’d love to clean for you! (Hint, hint.)  Just the same, we believe all consumers should be able to make informed decisions about the house cleaning chemicals brought into your home, for your family’s sake. That’s why we launched our Consumer Health Advocacy initiative – to bring you these convenient, helpful videos, infographics, e-guides, Marie’s Blog and now, Clean Green Talk radio show co-hosted by renowned green cleaning coach Leslie Reichert and our own Consumer Health Advocate, Marie Stegner.

It's not just about a clean home. It's about quality of life.

Maid Brigade is the only cleaning service that offers Green Clean Certified® maid service. Green Clean Certified is better for your health and better for the environment. Maid Brigade offers green cleaning to protect our customers and employees from the health risks associated with traditional house cleaning products and methods used by typical house cleaning services.

Thousands of satisfied customers say that Maid Brigade is not a convenience, we’re a necessity! Most of our customers find that having Maid Brigade maid service every two weeks keeps their homes beautifully clean and healthy, minimizing the amount of time spent on cleaning between our visits. But, we also offer weekly, monthly and occasional home cleaning service – whatever suits YOUR needs.

Hire Maid Brigade house cleaning services and your life will become less hectic, less stressful, safer and even a little more enjoyable. Maid Brigade customers trust our maid service to maintain a clean and healthy home through consistent, thorough and professional house cleaning service. We clean just like you would, if you had the time.

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