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Maid Brigade’s best cleaning tips for your home! 

Have you ever wondered how a cleaning company manages to take even the dirtiest of homes and make them so clean they sparkle? Of course the professional cleaning services like Maid Brigade have professional and state of the art equipment, but we also have a wealth of knowledge and cleaning tips. Maid Brigade has been in the cleaning business for a while and we’ve seen it all: from carpet stains, to dirty grout, to stained bathtubs and cobwebs in impossible to reach corners. With over thirty years of experience in the cleaning business Maid Brigade has developed a number of cleaning tips and tricks that our maids use to keep our customers’ homes sparkling clean!

The best way to ensure your home stays a clean and healthy environment for your family is to hire Maid Brigade. But we also know that unexpected visits from friends and relatives, spills on the carpet, and trips out of town can get in the way and are bound to happen. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of articles with some of our best cleaning tips to help you get by. We want you to have a sparkling home even when we aren’t doing the job for you and thanks to our house cleaning tips you can! For the times when you aren’t able to call Maid Brigade to return your home to a sparkle, our cleaning tips are the next best thing!

Maid Brigade is here to simplify the lives of our customers by taking care of the cleaning. Our thorough house cleaning tips take the mystery out of cleaning and simplify some of the more difficult tasks. Trust us, though elbow grease is important, sometimes it takes a little more than that to achieve the sparkle. With our cleaning tips you’ll learn some of the best kept secrets from the industry and gain a better understanding of what it takes to keep your home clean.

And because Maid Brigade is a Green Clean Certified® company all of our household cleaning tips are designed with your health in mind.  You won’t have to worry about these cleaning tips leaving you with a headache—or worse—after exposing yourself to chemicals in traditional cleaning products. Instead, Maid Brigade’s household cleaning tips are all green and healthy friendly!

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