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Expert Cleaning Tips from Maid Brigade!

Have you ever wondered how professional cleaning companies are able to turn even the dirtiest homes into beautiful masterpieces that sparkle? Some of the obvious advantages are teams of trained maids, state of the art equipment, and commercial grade cleaning solutions. Maid Brigade has something that few other cleaning services have earned, though: 30+ years of experience cleaning homes in neighborhoods just like yours! I guess you could say that we’ve been around the block a few times and seen just about everything. From stains in carpeting and on countertops to dirty grout and grimy bathtubs, we’ve found ways to clean it all. The best part? Maid Brigade believes firmly in healthier cleaning and is the only residential or commercial service to achieve Green Clean Certified® status and certification from Green Seal. We’ve worked hard and earned our stripes over the years. Performing 550,000 cleanings annually throughout a network of locations across the U.S., Canada, and internationally keep us at the forefront of cleaning needs in your home. Now, let us share some of them with you.

The Residential Cleaning Experts

Cleaning today is more complex than it was even a few years ago. There are many different surfaces and each requires special care. Independent cleaners can have a hard time keeping pace with the changes and aren’t typically skilled in all of these specialty surfaces. They could damage your furnishings without even knowing it. You don’t want to be the customer who has oven cleaner used on their microwave (unless you need a new microwave, of course!). Professional cleaning services like Maid Brigade have the specialized knowledge, training, and equipment needed to give your home the healthier, sparkling clean it deserves. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help maintain your home, fillout our FREE, No Obligation Estimate Form, and we’ll get started on designing a healthier green cleaning solution for you!

For The Do-It-Yourself Homeowner

The best way to ensure your home stays a clean and healthy environment for your family is to hire Maid Brigade. But we know that a professional cleaning service isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s an unexpected visit from friends or relatives, untimely spills on the carpet, or simply in case “life happens”, we’re here to help. Because you need to know right now, we’ve compiled a list with some of our most popular cleaning tips to help out. We want your home to be healthier and sparkling clean even if we’re not doing the cleaning ourselves. Sharing this knowledge is the next best thing to expert service from Maid Brigade.

By sharing our home cleaning tips, you’re learning some of the most important knowledge in our industry. Also important to us is the chance to relay information about keeping your home clean in a healthier and more environmentally friendly way. Because we are a Green Clean Certified® company, all of our household cleaning tips have your health, that of your family (two- and four-legged), and our maids in mind. Our goal is to help rid your home of the dangerous toxins used in many common household products. Some of those include, but are not limited to:

Did you know that Maid Brigade doesn’t recommend the use of air odorizers? We don’t believe in perfumes, scented sprays, or anything like them polluting your fresh air. Our commitment is a clean and healthier home all the way around!

Practical green cleaning tips can help every homeowner keep their home organized, clean, and safe from toxins. These are steps everyone can take to ensure a clean and safe living environment. Tips from using microfiber to making your own cleaning products can help clean up the home and our environment.

Low Effort tips to keep your home clean and green:

Medium Efforts tips to keep your home clean and green:

High Effort tips to keep your home clean and green:

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