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Maid Brigade and Mom Corps developed our alliance to foster a better sense of work/life balance for working women who juggle career, family and household management and worry about “doing it all well”.

On August 26th, Maid Brigade, with Mom Corps, will host a LIVE CHAT event on Facebook (12 noon - 1 pm EDT) to explore the topic of work/life balance.

August 26th is a national holiday established to celebrate women's suffrage, which was voted into law on this day in 1920.  91 years later we have indeed made many strides toward equaltiy including iproved professional, political and social status, but at what cost?

Most women feel they work a "2nd shift", cooking, cleaning and managing the household after a full day in the work force. Do YOU?  Are the notions of women's equality and work/life balance mutually exclusive?

Please join in the conversation and tell us how YOU feel.  To learn more and register for this FREE event, click below.


Another venture as partners is an on-going research project; we want to know how busy women like you feel about balancing housework and career in an age of digital distractions and infectious disease.

Results from 2011 Work/Life Balance Survey!

Results from 2009 Work/Life Balance Survey!

Mom Corps is an innovative staffing solution, supplying companies top-tier, experienced professionals "on demand" to meet business needs and cycles, while enabling candidates seeking flexibility to pursue their professional careers.  Mom Corps provides professionals challenging work in their respective fields through virtual, contract, and full or part time flexible jobs that allow them to maintain work/life balance.

We invite you to learn more about our business partner, Mom Corps.

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