Family movingWhether moving near or far, lessening your load ahead of time can make moving easier.

Before packing… declutter!  Get rid of those items you no longer want, use, or never really needed!  These items are taking up space and costing you time and money.

Some things to consider during the decluttering process…

1. Books and magazines that you already read or that you don’t think you will ever read.  Donate these items to  your local library or school.  Still have those college textbooks?  Sell them on sites like ebooks or ebay.

2. Items past their expiration dates should either be thrown away or donated.

3. Finish all items bought in bulk and any other items you have stocked up on so you have less to pack.

4. Wrong sized or wrong style items that you know you won’t use can be sold or donated.  This includes clothing, furniture, curtains, bedding, coats, and footwear.

5. Sentimental gifts that you received throughout the years and didn’t know what to do with should be donated to people that actually will love them and use them!

6. Paperwork that is over five years old and is not being used should be shredded and/or recycled.

7. Boxed items that were never unpacked or unused from your last move should be thrown out or donated.