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PUREcleaning FAQs

What is PUREcleaning?

Exclusive to Maid Brigade, PUREcleaning is the healthiest, most advanced home cleaning and disinfection system on the market.

It starts with a multi-point cleaning process to remove dirt and debris. Then we combine water, salt, and electricity to create an e-water solution to clean without dyes, fragrances, or phosphates. Finally, PURE Mist technology delivers an EPA-registered disinfectant with a lightweight, hand-held electrostatic sprayer, killing germs for a verifiably clean and safe environment.

This non-toxic system is safe for kids, pets, and every surface of your home.

How Does PUREcleaning Work?

When the electrolyzed water comes in contact with bacteria or viruses, it breaks them down and renders them harmless. Electrolyzed water has other benefits, too. It cleans surfaces, cuts grease, and lifts residue. These properties give you a more effective and healthier cleaning than any other conventional or green product on the market.

How is PUREcleaning different from traditional cleaners?

Traditional cleaning solutions bond with dirt instead of breaking it down, so surfaces are never fully clean. The residues left behind can be harmful, creating a haven for bacteria and leading to increased irritants, allergens, and even superbugs.

The e-water used in our PUREcleaning process leaves absolutely no residue, and it will remove all residual scum and built up from other products. It breaks up dirt, bacteria, and viruses into harmless particles that our Maid Brigade team easily removes with cloths and mops.

Why Does It Smell A Little Like Chlorine?

The process of creating electrolyzed water causes a slight smell, which many say is similar to the smell of chlorine. There is no chlorine, synthetic fragrance, or other toxic chemicals in the cleaner.