5 Tips to Get You Through an Earlier Allergy Season

It seems as though our unseasonably warm winter has brought early spring blooms and pollen. [You didn’t think we could sail through an unseasonably warm winter without a catch now, did you?!]

More than 40 million Americans (my three children and myself included) have already begun wiping our watery eyes and blowing our sneezy noses because allergy season hit us [...]

Clover – unwanted weed or welcome workhorse?

A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. At least that’s what Ralph Waldo Emerson said. Using Emerson’s approach as a litmus test, clover is no weed. Clover has properties which yield environmental, health and even magic benefits. So, put down the weed killer and read on!

Originally found in Europe, Central Asia, Australia and Northern [...]

7 Key Clutter Scenarios and How to Cure Them

As with life, clutter happens. Drawer by drawer, room by room, inside and outside, hidden or visible, clutter begins to creep up and expand right before our very own eyes. The good news is we can actually learn to control the clutter before it takes over our homes by getting down to the root of the problem – ourselves.

According [...]

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    Top 10 Stains of the Season and Cleaning Tips to Remove Them

Top 10 Stains of the Season and Cleaning Tips to Remove Them

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and as we finish up our last bit of yummy chocolate and enjoy our beautiful bouquet of roses, we are left with beautiful memories and a variety of stains. Maid Brigade to the rescue, with some handy cleaning tips to help remove these stains.

If you choose to remove stains naturally, without using any [...]

Do these 4 things daily to keep the bedroom clean

As I lock up the house for the evening and begin walking towards the bedroom, I reflect on the long day I had and how I cannot wait to snuggle under the covers in my bed, turn on the tv and relax. The closer I get to my bedroom door, the happier I get. The only thing that could [...]

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    Do These 5 Things Nightly to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

Do These 5 Things Nightly to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

The kitchen is the core of the home. It’s where we drop off our books and bags after a long day at work. It’s where we share our most personal secrets, our best (and worst) home cooked meals, and special occasions formal or informal, planned or spontaneous. The kitchen is the place to be, which is why it needs [...]

Five Reasons to Clean with Essential Oils


Picture this… after a hard day at work and a stressful ride home, you are finally home. You open the front door to a pleasant smell of cinnamon. You enter your kitchen and smell a refreshing clean scent of pine, cedar wood, and sage. As you walk down the hallway, you smell an inviting scent of peppermint. You finally [...]

Make THIS the Year! One thing I am going to change…

Happy 2016! By now, most people have either begun their new year’s resolutions, or at least thought about starting them.  But according to StatisticsBrain.com only about 8% of new year’s resolutions are achieved and of those, only 46% last 6 months or more.

I have to admit, I do keep a clean home, and I am great at cleaning clutter. [...]

Two Super Simple Awesome Holiday Desserts

Nothing took the “merry” out of my “Christmas” more than my daughter telling me one day before Christmas Eve that her French class was having a holiday party at school the next day and I had to make 25 crepes with less than 24 hours to produce them. After working all day at the doctor’s office and trying to squeeze in that [...]

11 Great Extremely Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Don’t Panic! You are not alone!

It’s Christmas Eve! Today is the last day to pick up those extremely last minute gifts for the  holidays! Still not sure what to get a certain someone like maybe your neighbor, work wife/husband, cousin or sis? Here are a few gifts that, in my opinion, can warm up anyone’s heart! So grab yourself a Starbuck’s, [...]