How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for YOUR home

Someone I know has another friend who recently told my friend that she purchased the perfect vacuum and that my friend should buy one too.  Maybe it’s happened to you too. Before we even think about the type of floors our friend might have, we look up that vacuum up on the internet.  But since none of us have [...]

How to Clean Books and Bookcases

Warmer temperatures this winter have brought pollen out sooner than expected. May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness month, but if you or someone in your household is suffering asthma or allergy attacks, it’s probably time to do a deep cleaning targeted at removing the allergens than trigger these attacks. Pollen, dust, dust mites and pet dander are some of [...]

How to clean pots and pans

Unless you’re an over achiever in the cleaning department, it’s a safe bet your pots and pans need some attention. It’s really not your fault if they have black burnt spots on their bottoms – the heat on your cook top gets so hot that even water can leave a burn mark.  According to the 2017 Cleaning Calendar & [...]

How to Clean Glass Light Fixtures, Shelves and More

There are a few things that hardly ever get cleaned in your home, yet when they get forgotten, they make your home look neglected.  To make sure your home looks and feels cared for, take a few extra minutes to clean glass light fixtures and overlooked items at least every three months, or more often if you’ll be entertaining.

Light [...]

Do you know how to deep clean woodwork?

According to Maid Brigade’s 2017 Cleaning Calendar and Checklists, special attention should be given to woodwork every three months, like your baseboards, molding, doors and cabinets. For DIY cleaners, read on to learn how to deep clean  woodwork.

When I’m asked how to deep clean woodwork, my first reaction is to answer with another question. “What exactly are you trying [...]

Microfiber for cleaning – what’s the big deal?

For the past twenty years I’ve been sharing the incredible value of microfiber for cleaning. But there are still people who don’t know about this “miracle” for their household cleaning, and if you’re one, keep reading.  Microfiber can clean any surface with just water and leave it free from dirt, grease, smears, streaks or lint. It’s a great option [...]

Control clutter and control your health.

If your overstuffed closet, packed garage, littered desk or messy basement brings on feelings of stress – even suffocation – don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Clutter, to varying degrees, brings distress to many of us.  For some, clutter can feel “crushing,” almost to the point of no return, like it has taken over our lives. Even if our clutter [...]

Is your home a tad stinky? Use these odor control tips.

Is your home smelling a little stinky?  This usually happens during the winter. We close up our homes in October and don’t open them up again until April. That means we’re living with the same air for six months. If you’re smelling some unusual odors in your home, read on for a plan to help you control odors in [...]

Post-holiday cleanup: LATER is NOW

Oosouji is the Japanese tradition of cleaning up and getting ready for the new year.  When translated it means the “big clean”.  The Japanese actually spend their New Year’s Eve cleaning their home to get it ready for the incoming new year. (These are people after my own heart.)

Let’s do an American version of oosouji for our homes.  Nothing [...]

Holiday Stain Removal Primer

Along with the season’s cheer come some nasty holiday stains.  Whether it’s a tiny spill on a guest’s new dress or an oily mess on your heirloom table cloth, having the basics at hand will help you get through the holiday stain season. Read this now and add any stain removal items on your last grocery list before the [...]