MAB14143_May_BlogPosts_rn1Hello there, Maid Brigade readers! Today is national Eat Your Veggies Day (yeah, it’s a real thing)! And in celebration, we’d like to share some of our favorite ways to serve our veggies.

If your kids are like most, they do NOT enjoy their vegetables. But to be honest, who can blame them? We as adults have spent decades building up a tolerance, and even we have to force ourselves from time to time to eat our greens, especially when we just steam ’em and leave ’em. So let’s shake things up! Here are our 3 favorite tips for mixing up our veggies:

  1. Spice things up with red pepper flakes. Not for the faint of heart, just a pinch of red pepper flakes can spice up a side of broccoli and cauliflower or add pizzaz to some brussel sprouts.
  2. Pop some protein into the mix. Prosciutto can do wonders wrapped around some asparagus, and chopped bacon can be thrown right in the pan while you sautee your kale.
  3. Pile on the veggies as a topping. Well prepared veggies are almost always better as a topping than on their own. Whether a pizza, a taco, or an omelette, almost any dish can be made better (and better for you) with some tender squash or yummy peppers thrown into the mix.

So tell us — what’s your favorite way to prepare your vegetables? And happy Eat Your Veggies Day!