1.  Keeping a clean house can be tough, if you don’t want to spend the entire day cleaning. When you and the kids are home all day, the house naturally gets messier than when you’re gone. Keep the clutter under control by cleaning as you work.

Make a habit of integrating household chores into your movements around the house. Clean up toys as you make your way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Throw in a load of laundry when you pass by the laundry room. Fold it while you’re on the phone. Throw the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher while your computer starts up.

Not only will this help clean up the existing clutter in your house, but if it is constantly on your mind, you’ll find that you (though maybe not the kids) make less mess in a day home.

2.  It is easy to get off track when you have kids at home. Moms can get side-tracked with household chores or too much multi-tasking.  Particularly for self-employed work-at-home-moms, professional work gets tossed to the back of the line.

So begin each day by taking a 15 minute daily review. Look at the calendar for any appointments/phone conferences. Then ask yourself what must be done at the end of the work hours.
3.  Make a list and be realistic.  Try not to fill the list with things you cannot possibly get to.  Break complicated projects down into steps.

Make more than one list.  Put all those long-term things on another list.  You can also divide your list, separating work and home projects.

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