Healthy Cleaning Solutions for a Less Toxic Home

Healthy Cleaning Solutions Maid Brigade only uses high-quality, green-certified cleaning products. Healthy cleaning solutions may seem less accessible than chemical cleaning products at first glance, but you've probably already got everything you need in your pantry to make healthy green cleaning products that will get your house looking and feeling clean. Vinegar One of the most common household items, vinegar

House Cleaning Tips

Expert Cleaning Tips from Maid Brigade! Have you ever wondered how professional cleaning companies turn even the dirtiest homes into beautiful masterpieces that sparkle? Some of the distinct advantages are teams of trained cleaning experts, state-of-the-art equipment, and commercial grade green cleaning solutions. With Maid Brigade, there’s also the 30+ years of experience cleaning homes in neighborhoods just like yours!

Kitchen Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

Kitchen Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home The kitchen can get dirty pretty quickly. It’s one of the highest-traffic areas in the home. Those dirty counter tops, the stinky garbage disposal, the sponges hanging out in your sink–they’re all teeming with bacteria. You can do something about it. Taking some time daily and weekly to clean your kitchen or to

Bathroom Cleaning Tips for a Cleaner Home

Healthy Bathroom Cleaning Tips At Maid Brigade, we get a lot of questions concerning our bathroom cleaning tips. We always use Green Clean Certified cleaning solutions, so naturally, all of our hints use natural ingredients, so we feel this is the best way to clean your bathroom! If you’re looking for the suggestions on how to clean a bathroom, you’ve

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips Simply put, spring cleaning is a thorough top-to-bottom deep cleaning of your home that often includes efforts to declutter your space. Spring cleaning is a beyond daunting annual task for many households because it means dealing with aspects of cleaning that may have been neglected for months or even years. Maid Brigade consumer health advocate Marie Stegner

How to Clean Granite Countertops, the Healthy Way

How to Clean Granite Countertops Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to any home and are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. While granite is known for its unique character and its antibacterial properties, unfortunately, granite is also known for being a more difficult surface to clean. However, don’t despair–that doesn’t mean you can’t have granite in the kitchen; you just