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Controlling Fleas Without Chemicals

Flea and tick treatments, even when applied as instructed on the box, may contain toxic chemicals that can poison pets and harm people.  Avoid toxic chemicals by taking care of your pet.  To reduce and control fleas, comb and bathe your pet, and vacuum your house regularly.

Combing.  Regular combing of a pet can help reduce fleas.  Fleas caught in the comb should be drowned in soapy water.

Bathing.  Soapy baths are a great way to control fleas.  Fleas tend to accumulate in bedding, so wash your pet’s bedding in hot water at least once a week.  Washing the bedding will also reduce the spread of flea eggs and larvae that may be contained in it.  Try bathing your dog in a mixture of rosemary tea and vinegar.  Fleas do not like vinegar!

Vacuuming.  Vacuuming picks up fleas and eggs from the carpet, floors, crevices, and furniture.  Immediately after vacuuming, throw away the vacuum bag to prevent fleas from escaping and reinfesting your home. 

What about Rock Salt and Baking Soda?  Sprinkling baking soda or rock salt on carpets and under beds, desks, and even heaters will dehydrate fleas and kill them.  Adding some low-sided pans of water in areas where your pets can’t get to also helps.  The fleas will jump into the pan and die. 

Outdoor Areas.  Keep grass and shrubbery clipped short in areas where your pet spends time.  This will increase dryness and sunlight, which helps the flea problem.  Nematodes, can also be used as a nonchemical, biological aid to help control fleas in these areas.

Natural or Herbal Proucts?  Not all essential oils used to treat fleas are safe for animals. 

Products containing cedarwood, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, or thyme are probably safe.

Avoid the use of any flea or tick product containing pennyroyal oil.  It can cause seizures, coma, and death in animals.

Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services cares about the health of your family and your pets.  Share your comments on how to get rid of fleas with us!  For more information on healthy green living, please log on to or

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