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Countdown to Labor Day – The Grill

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to barbeque, so why not think of the environment and grill the “green” way?

Here are some ways to help:

Naturally clean your grill.  Chemicals that are used to clean your grill can end up in your food, so try using a baking soda paste and a wire brush to clean the grate before grilling. During the cookout, scrape the grill while it is still hot to keep it clean for the next time you grill.

Forget the Charcoal.  Believe it or not, natural gas and propane are the most environmentally friendly ways to fuel your fire. sayas that charcoal (and also wood) burn dirty and release soot particles in the air that can worsen chronic heart and lung problems. However, if charcoal is being used, suggests the Rainforest Alliance Smartwood program’s certified Char-Broil products, which also include mesquite and hickory wood chips. After, get rid of charcoal carefully, because charcoal ash can be harmful to plants.

Disposables?  Cookouts usually are the time when disposable plates and utensils are used the most.  Be different by using metal utensils and ceramic plates instead!  If disposable products are being used, try those made of bamboo and corn that are biodegradable. Designate clear bags or bins for recycling cans or bottles.

Compost.  Instead of throwing out the scraps from your grilled corn or other veggie dishes, try composting them!  Find the latest tips about composting on  The EPA gives tips on how to compost at home.  Many communities also offer places to drop off scraps for composting.

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