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Germ-Filled Items You Might Not Think of Cleaning

September 18, 2013

shoes1We use them everyday but how often do we think of cleaning them?

When it comes to cleaning germs, here are some items most of us use every day that we just might forget to clean:

Pocketbooks/Bags – Since our handbags go everywhere we go, they tend to get dirtier than we think.  Many purses pick up E. Coli bacteria without us even knowing it!  Avoid putting your bag down on store, office, or bathroom floors.  Wipe your purse down with homemade disinfectant wipes on a daily basis.  Throw those washable bags in the laundry weekly. 

Car and House Keys  I am sure a majority of us out there do not think of wiping down our keys, but doing so can decrease the number of germs in your car, in your home, and on yourself!  Because keys are made of brass, they do give us some natural antibacterial protection, but wiping them down with warm water and soap every once in a while can help even more.

Cell Phones –  All types of bacteria and germs lurk on cell phones, including fecal bacteria.  Let’s face it, our phones go with us everywhere, even to the bathroom at times!  We place our phones on public sinks, counters, and tables which are covered in germs.  Wipe your phone down daily with a microfiber cloth, soap, and warm water.

Headphones –  Bacteria from the ear tends to form on the ear buds of headphones.  To clean your headphones, spray a mixture of vinegar and water onto an old toothbrush and scrub your headphones.  Wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth.

iStock_000007957368SmallExercise Mats – Community mats at local gyms, schools, and aerobic studios often don’t get cleaned as much as we hope they do. These mats can harbor all types of bacteria, including herpes, staph, ringworm, plantar warts, and athlete’s foot fungus. Whether you are using a community mat or even your own yoga mat, bring along some homemade antibacterial wipes and wipe down the mats before and after your workout.  For more protection, bring along a towel to wipe sweat off the mat.  At home, wipe down your yoga mat with warm soap and water.

Shoes – If you have not already done so, incorporate a “no shoes” policy in your home.  This cuts down on germs entering your home tremendously!

Water Bottle – Sometimes E. Coli bacteria can form on the plastic sides in our water bottles.  Opt for stainless steel water bottles, or ones that have a wider mouth for easier cleaning.  Clean your bottle daily with hot water and soap.  On a weekly basis, deep clean your water bottle using a mix of vinegar and water.

Do you know of any other interesting areas where germs lurk?  Write to us and share your comments!

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