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March 12, 2015

According to some experts, about 80% of clutter in the home is the result of disorganization, not the lack of space. This is why decluttering and organizing are so important.

Throughout the years, my house has served as a home for my family, a gym, an office, a hotel for out of state guests, a catering hall for parties, and a local meeting place for all my children’s friends. As stressful as things get, I wouldn’t change one minute of my chaotic world. I have learned to keep my sanity by mastering the art of home organization.

Recently, my daughter had to interview me for a school project about organizing. She asked me four questions which I thought were quite interesting. Below are the questions and my responses to each:

The one area in my life that is always messy is…my walk-in closet. The rest of my home is pretty clean but I tend to move all the house clutter into my closet because it is the place that none of my house guests see! When the clutter begins to build up to the point where I cannot walk into the closet, I have no choice but to sort through the stuff.

I am usually most motivated to declutter when… I have a busy week or I have something to look forward to. I love to start off my week with a sharp mind and an uncluttered feeling. It helps keep my stress level low when I am organized. In fact, every Sunday night, I clean out my purse and my work bag, and I sort through my emails and delete all the junk emails. I am also motivated to declutter when I feel overwhelmed. I seem to work and think better in a cleaner environment.

The one thing I have thrown away and never regretted throwing away is… books, old clothes and stacks of papers. It’s amazing how fast all of these things pile up in my home, especially when there are five people living there! Donating used books and clothes and getting rid of stacks of papers gives me peace of mind.

The one thing I threw out but wish I could get back is… nothing! Once I decide to get rid of something I usually stick with my decision.

I have to admit, I was very interested to hear the responses from some of the other people my daughter interviewed. What are your responses to these questions? Send your comments to us!

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