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My Favorite Cleaning Product

For years, I have tried all sorts of cleaning products and cleaning equipment in search of that “perfect one.”  I have followed every fad there was and used every cleaning product that came out on the market.  And I have to say, microfiber cloths are probably one of my favorite items to clean with.

I use microfiber cloths for everything!  I have a separate one for each room in my house, and then extra ones that I use to clean other things, like my artificial plants and my real plants.  To remove dust off of the plant leaves, I usually wet (lightly) a microfiber cloth and wipe right over the leaves.  For my real plants, the cloth not only cleans the leaves but the damp cloth also gives the plants moisture.

I keep a microfiber cloth in the bathroom for those everday messes around the sink and on the mirror.  A couple quick wipes on the mirror, the countertop and the faucets makes my bathroom shine in just minutes.  I do the same for my kitchen to keep it sparkling everyday.

Since the dashboard in my car always gets dusty, I also keep a microfiber cloth in the glove compartment.  Wiping off the steering wheel and the dashboard helps keep my car looking fabulous!

Believe it or not, I also use microfiber cloths on my dog and my cat.  When the dog comes in from outside, I wipe his feet off with a dry microfiber cloth.  Sometimes I even dampen a cloth and wipe his fur.  I use a cloth on the cat to wipe her paws off too.

There are so many uses for microfiber cloths, I could go on and on!  But the best part about the cloth is that it is reusable, which saves me money.  When the cloths become dirty, I throw them into the washing machine.

Do you use microfiber cloths in your home?  What is your favorite thing to clean with?  Share your stories, ideas and tips with us!

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