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No More Dust Mites!

April 13, 2012

House dust mites are tiny little creatures that cause allergy and asthma symptoms worldwide.  They are so small that they are not usually seen with the naked eye. 

House dust mites can survive in all types of climate.  They thrive indoors, mostly in bedrooms and kitchens. Dust mites survive well in mattresses, carpets, furniture and bedding.  Even in dry climates, house dust mites survive and reproduce easily in bedding (especially in pillows), which takes up moisture from body contact.

House dust mites reproduce quickly enough that their effect on human health can be significant. As dust mites like warm, fluffy furniture and materials, they are most likely to be found on beds, couches, carpets, rugs, toys, and curtains.

To lessen house dust mites, keep stuffed animals off the bed, or get rid of them altogether.  Wash you sheets and other bed linens in hot water.  This will kill the mites and their eggs.  Drying sheets and linens in a hot dryer for about ten minutes can also help kill dust mites.

Place a mattress cover over the mattress and another one over the box spring.  Purchase pillow covers that zip.  Another option would be to buy an anti-mite mattress.

Reduce moisture levels in your home.  Try to keep a relative humidity level in your home, preferably under fifty percent. 

If possible, get rid of the carpeting in your home.  Carpeting is a safe haven for dust mites and other allergens like dust and dander.


Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services cares about the health of you and your family.  For more information on healthy green living and green cleaning, please log on to and  To learn more about the asthma and allergy triggers in your home, or to learn more about household products and breast cancer, please log on to


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