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Preparing For A Green Halloween

This Halloween, why not find a few ways to save green and go green with your Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy?

Decorate for Halloween without buying, especially non-biodegradable plastics.  Consider using natural materials like straw, pumpkins, leaves, acorns and pine cones.

Use reusable bags for trick or treating and decorate them.  These bags can be used long after Halloween is over.  Cloth bags or pillow cases are also good to use.

Visit thrift stores or consignment shops for costumes or costume ideas.

Use chemical-free soy candles to set the spooky mood, or light the way with LED sparkling lights.  Carry solar powered or rechargeable battery flashlights.

Don’t trick or treat and drive.  Walking is better for you and the environment.

Create a scarecrow.  Use old clothing to dress your scarecrows body and straw to make the body.

Repurpose an old broom to create a scarecrow or witch by placing the broom handle side down into the ground.  Create the face of your scarecrow or witch on the straw portion of the broom.  Hang a coat hanger around the neck of the broom and dress your scarecrow or witch in clothing.

Create a sock ghost centerpiece using an empty jar or a Pringles can.  Slip the sock over the can and draw on eyes and a mouth.

Create a ghost using a pillowcase.  Fill the top with old t-shirts, pantyhose, socks, or newspapers.  Tie some twine, string, or a bandana to create the neck.  Pin on facial features.

Make eco-friendly ghosts and goblins by painting empty milk gallons and drawing on eyes and mouths.  Cut a hole in the back and insert clear lights from Christmas.

There is a growing variety of eco-friendly candy such as organic chocolate, candy, lollipops and crispy rice bars. Organic Halloween candies may be better choices for kids with food allergies.  Some companies offer candy that is “USDA and EU certified organic, gluten-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, and without corn syrup.”

Think about giving out toys instead of candy. You can find playing cards, small packages of Lego sets, minipuzzles, toy cars, a Slinky or modeling clay.  Pencils, bubbles, coupons to food places, or even a handful of pennies are also good choices.

Compost your pumpkin after Halloween is over.  Chop it up and bury it in your flower bed.

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