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Replacing Your Toxic Cleaning Products With Safer Ones (Part Two)

Yesterday’s blog introduced safer alternatives to a clean and green home.  Here are more effective, inexpensive, and non-toxic cleaners to keep your home attractive and clean:

Isopropyl alcohol.  Use rubbing alcohol to disinfect as a non-toxic, equally effective alternative to bleach or lysol.  Use in a spray bottle around and in trash cans, diaper pails, toilets, cat litter box, and in the kitchen.  Use alcohol to remove and sanitize mold on walls, in the shower or laundry area.  Rubbing alcohol can be used in toilets to clean and disinfect.  It is safer than toilet bowl cleaners.  Alcohol is flammable but is not volatile.

Borax is a natural, safe cleaner for floors, clothing, curtains, bedding, carpet, upholstery, and rugs.  Use it to remove soap scum from sinks and showers.  Borax has gentle cleaning and mild abrasive properties.

Salt (Epsom or Kosher). Salt has preservative and anti-puritic qualities as well as being a safe non-scratch abrasive.  (Rinse carefully as extended exposure to salt will oxidize rust/metal).

Cornstarch.  Use cornstarch to scour and scrub glass and metal.  It will not scratch but provides enough abrasive to remove dirt and stains.  Cornstarch can also polish windows.

Pepper/Tobasco Sauce.  Pepper sauce is an organic alternative to toxic metal polishes.  It is safe for copper, brass, and jewelry.  Wear gloves to prevent burns.

Cat Litter.  Using either the clay or the clumping variety, you can absorb major spills and clean up easily.  Keep cat litter in the garage for chemical, oil, glycol (anti-freeze) and other spills.

Olive oil is a perfect wood preservative and polish.  It protects and preserves wood and is much safer than glazes, polishes and varnishes.

Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services cares about you!  Share your green cleaning tips with us!  For more information on healthy green cleaning, please log on to or

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