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The Many Wonders of Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jelly1Petroleum Jelly…

…a semi-solid mixture of fat-based substances made from petroleum.

Sounds a little gross, right?  The truth is that petroleum jelly is used for everything from minimizing wrinkles to repairing scratches on wood furniture!  

Because petroleum jelly is an oil-based emollient which repels water, it can be used around the home in a variety of ways.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • A cotton ball dipped in petroleum jelly and placed in your ear keeps water out of your ear.
  • Warm a paste of petroleum jelly and peppermint oil in the microwave and rub on sore muscles.
  • Spread petroleum jelly onto cuticles before painting  nails to keep nail polish off cuticles.
  • For covering up those split ends, apply petroleum jelly to the ends.
  • Get gum out of your hair using petroleum jelly. 
  • To keep your perfume scent smelling longer, put some petroleum jelly on the area you are spraying and then spray on perfume.
  • For removing candle wax, spread petroleum jelly on the edges of the wax.  Let sit for 10 minutes.  Wipe.  
  • Make your own fly paper by dipping paper strips in warm petroleum jelly. Hang strips up.
  • To keep light bulbs from getting stuck, spread on some petroleum jelly to the threads before twisting in bulb. 
  • Blot lipstick stains with petroleum jelly before washing clothes.
  • Keep shampoo out of your eyes by dabbing a little petroleum jelly above your eyebrows before shampooing.
  • Keep ants out of pet bowls by applying petroleum jelly around the exterior bottom of the bowls.
  • For cracked paws on dogs, apply petroleum jelly to bottom of paws.
  • Keep squirrels out of bird feeders by applying petroleum jelly to area around feeder.
  • To prevent corrosion on your car battery, apply petroleum jelly to clean terminals.
  • When painting, apply petroleum jelly to areas you don’t want painted.  
  • To remove water rings and repair scratches on furniture, apply petroleum jelly to area.  Let sit for one day.  Buff and wipe.
  • To keep your Pumpkin from rotting and drying, smear some petroleum jelly on the edges of the pumpkin.
  • To help start your campfire, dip a few cotton balls into petroleum jelly and place them in a small brown paper bag. Light bag.  Place wood over bag.


  • Apply a good amount of petroleum jelly on your toilet plunger to get a good seal.  

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