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Green Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Tips for A Better Spring Cleaning

May 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning VisualSpring is here!  It’s time to enjoy the fresh air and warm weather!  It is also the perfect time to get rid of the clutter and give your home a good spring green cleaning.

Before cleaning, lessen the clutter.  Go through closets, basements, and garages and get rid of sports equipment, toys, games and clothes that are no longer being used.  Donate as much as you can to thrift stores and charities.  Donate old books, DVD’s, and CD’s to your local library.  Recycle plastic bags, paper and cardboard.  Return bottle, cans, and glass to the redemption center.  Trade in old video games and hardware, unused ipods, calculators, cameras and phones for extra money.

Once the clutter is gone, it’s time to green clean!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a list on their website of cleaning products that are considered “safe,” however, many cleaning products can be made right at home with simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar.

Baking soda can be used as a scouring powder to clean sinks, countertops, faucets, ovens and appliances.  For tougher stains, add salt or boiling water to the baking soda paste and scrub with a microfiber cloth.

White distilled vinegar mixed with water is useful in removing fat-based and oil spills.  Vinegar alone helps in removing fat buildup.

To clean windows and mirrors, use a mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.  Wipe with a microfiber cloth.  Mop linoleum floors with 1 part vinegar to 10 parts hot water. Use a mild, vegetable oil-based soap for wooden or laminate floors.

Deodorize carpets by sprinkling them with baking soda.  Wait about an hour, then vacuum.  For tough carpet stains, blot stains with soda water or white vinegar.

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