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“Wipe Away” Those Winter Blues

Springtime and spring cleaning are right around the corner, but before you can think of cleaning your home, you need to organize it first.  Home organization is about finding the right place for the things you have in your home and letting go of those things which no longer need to be there.

Take a walk around your home and identify the clutter areas, the areas where things pile up the quickest.  These are usually kitchen countertops, kitchen drawers, and closets.  Start small, go through one area at a time.  Try to categorize the clutter into groups, such as important paperwork, magazines and articles, clothes, jackets, etc.  Make sure you store similar items together in an easy accessible place.  Go through clothes closets and get rid of clothes that aren’t worn.  Lessen the “free items” that come into your home.  Do you really need every free t-shirt, bag and coffee mug that is offered to you?  Limit the free items to those that you will actually use and enjoy.  

Every couple of days, scan your home for clutter spots.  Try and clean these spots before the clutter accumulates too much.  Some areas, like kitchen counters, might need daily de-cluttering.  However you decide to de-clutter and organize, the happier you will feel.


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