This month, we’re going to be walking you through the best way to clean and organize each of those problem areas in your home. The 7-part series will include:

  1. Closets,
  2. Garage,
  3. Kitchen,
  4. Windows,
  5. Surfaces,
  6. Bathrooms, and
  7. Appliances.

Click here to read yesterday’s post on closets, or keep reading to learn how to master the garage!

Part 2: The Garage!

The garage.  A place where stuff goes in but never seems to come out.  It’s a burial ground for mismatched dishes, empty fish tanks, beat up cardboard boxes, half used paint cans and expired motor oil.  For many people, the garage is no longer a place to keep your cars.  Instead, it has become a storage area, hosting a variety of items from fishing equipment, gardening tools, holiday decorations, old books and DVD’s.  It’s time to roll up your sleeves and regain control of your garage!

My garage is very organized.  It has to be because my husband and I keep our cars in there.  This way, when it snows, I never have to wipe the snow off my car!  The perk of keeping my car in the garage is worth the de-cluttering I do in there twice a year.  Man