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9 Healthy, Nutritious and Yummy Halloween Snacks Your Kids Will Love

October 28, 2014


Halloween is almost here! While your mini ghastly ghouls and goblins anxiously await to trick-or-treat and eat an overabundance of Halloween candy, here are some healthy, nutritious Halloween snacks that will get them in the mood for a day full of monsters and fun!

Tangerine Pumpkins. Celebrate Halloween the healthy way and make a small pumpkin out of a tangerine. Just peel the tangerine and stick a small celery stick in the middle of the tangerine for the sprout. No tangerines? Use an orange or clementine instead.

Mummy Pizza. A favorite of mine! Toast your favorite piece of bread and smear on a little marinara sauce. Next cut up some mozzarella cheese into long rectangles and dress up your toast like a mummy. Cut a black olive into two and use it as mummy eyes.

Brooms of Witches. My kids love making these because they are cute, yummy and so easy to make! Take a pair of kitchen scissors and slice the bottom of a cheese slice. Next, wrap the cheese around a small, thin pretzel stick. To hold the cheese in place, use something edible, like a fresh chive.

Pumpkin Hummus Dish. My family loves hummus so this dish is always a hit in my home. Take a container of roasted red pepper hummus and pour it out onto a large plate, forming a circle. Using black olives, make the face of a pumpkin on top of the hummus. Outline the hummus with chips, vegetables or the crackers of your choice.

Spider Sandwiches. Nothing tastes as good as a spider sandwich! Using a small circle cookie cutter, cut out your favorite breads, cold cuts and cheeses to make small sandwiches. Use thin pretzel sticks or small carrot slices for the spiders legs. Black olive eyes are optional!

Used Bloody Bandage. The name sounds gross, but the snack tastes great! Cut a few graham crackers into rectangles the size of a band-aid. In the center of each graham cracker bandage, smear on a square of cream cheese. Next, place a dot of strawberry jelly in the center of the cream cheese and serve!

Eyeball Soup. For all those soup lovers out there, have you ever tasted eyeball soup? Heat up a bowl of tomato soup and add a few stuffed green olives and mozzarella balls as floating eyeballs to your soup. Mmm Mmm good!

Crooked Rotten Smiles. Start with an apple slice and make a thin line cut through the middle of the apple slice for the mouth. Spread some peanut butter in the middle (or mouth) of the apple. Add small marshmallows on top of the peanut butter for the teeth. If marshmallows are not your thing, try adding small pieces of almonds instead. The brown colored almonds look more like rotten teeth.

Spooky Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich by using your cookie cutter Halloween shapes. My favorites are the black cat shape, the pumpkin shape, and the witches hat shape. Cut your cheese of choice with the cookie cutters. Place the cheese on top of the bread and grill or toast.

Whichever snack you choose to serve, remember that they are all nutritious and healthy and will give your trick or treater all the energy they need for a happy Halloween!

What are your favorite Halloween snacks? Share them with us!

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