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Gearing Up for A Healthy Spring

April 20, 2016

When we think of things we need to do in the spring, what usually comes to mind is spring cleaning or starting our beautiful gardens. But what about putting ourselves first for a change and think about ways we can stay on the healthy track? After all, our health is the most important thing – all we have to do now is love ourselves enough to keep ourselves as healthy as we can. Who cares if your carefully thought-out new year’s resolutions went to the curbside? April is the perfect time to get back up, wipe yourself off and move on!

Here are a few things you can do right now to get a jumpstart on health:

Learn the importance of drinking water. Our bodies are made of up 60% water. Drinking water helps keep our body fluids balanced, our skin looking good, and our muscles energized. Water also helps us control calories, helps our kidneys cleanse our bodies of toxins, and even keeps our bowels flowing smoothly! Drinking enough water each day is needed to replace the large amounts of water lost through sweating, exercising, and moving around doing our daily activities. Dehydration, loss of energy and fatigue kicks in when our bodies don’t get enough daily fluid.


Take a good look at what you eat. We are what we eat! What we choose to put in our bodies can play a vital role in our health. Now that the warmer weather is here, add a few organic “in season” fruits and vegetables to your diet. Choosing fruits and veggies with a high water content, such as watermelon or zucchini, can help your body stay hydrated, especially if you are lacking water for the day. Take advantage of the variety of fresh fruits and veggies available during the spring months. Sprinkle nuts and berries onto your salads or steam some veggies and add them to whole grain pasta and rice dishes. Try new recipes or mix a few ingredients together and make your own!


Stay smart when alcohol is involved. We all know that drinking too much alcohol is bad for our bodies, and can cause liver and pancreas problems. Too much alcohol can also cause dehydration. Lessen your alcohol intake as much as possible. It is recommended that women should not drink more than 1 drink per day and men two drinks per day maximum. A full 8-ounce glass of water should be consumed for every glass of alcohol consumed. Remember, having a “nightcap” before bed can also interfere with REM sleep patterns.


Take a trip to your family physician. It is always a good thing to get a check-up at least once a year, all depending upon your health and your medications you may be on. Getting an annual EKG and a full lab workup is also a plus so the doctor can track your cholesterol, glucose, and liver functions. Stay on top of all the necessary screenings that your doctor recommends, such as blood pressure, prostate, colon, or breast cancer screenings. Don’t forget about your mental state of mind too. While you’re at it, make an appointment with your dentist too!


Follow an exercise routine. After your visit to the doctor, if you are cleared to exercise, spring time is a wonderful time to start a new exercise routine. All depending on your health, a brisk walk, run, or bike ride 30 minutes a day can do wonders for you physically and mentally by keeping you happy, smiling, positive, and full of energy! Don’t forget to stay well hydrated, dress appropriately and wear sunscreen if exercising outdoors!


Introduce sunscreen to your life, no matter how tough your skin is! Skin cancer does not discriminate! Lather your body, your bald head, your ears, your arms and your legs up with an SPSF of at least 15 or higher. Be sure your sunblock protects against both UVA and UVB rays. When traveling, don’t be a tough guy! The sun tends to be stronger in certain states and countries. Avoid sunburn catastrophes and use your sunblock! Wearing a large-rim hat, sunglass, or even SPF clothing are highly recommended. Re-apply sunscreen after swimming or sweating.


Sleep. I can totally feel the difference in my entire state of mind and energy level the day after I get a good sleep. My skin even looks more refreshed than usual. The body craves sleep. Sleep time is when our bodies heal us. Don’t deprive yourself of an extra few hours of sleep here and there. It only benefits us!


Respect your limits. Stress overload causes all types of issues, ranging from depression to heart attacks. Knowing what you are capable of handling, how to handle stressful situations, and adding the word, “no” to your vocabulary can prevent damage caused by stress. Talking to someone about certain issues, or even signing up for stress management, yoga, or meditation classes can help reduce stress. Give yourself some time each day to unwind and de-stress, so you can regain the balance you need to finish out your day without it affecting your health the wrong way.


Be good to yourself. You have one life. Learn to love yourself enough to take good care of you! We all lack in this area at times for our own personal reasons, but this is such an important step for us to learn, not only for our health, but so we are good and balanced for the people (and animals) in our lives! No matter how hard life gets, be sure to schedule something for yourself, each week at least. Get a massage, read a book, connect with friends, play tennis, relax at the park or the beach, whatever you like to do!

When your body and mind are healthy, you will be fully able to enjoy this hopeful, verdant time of year!

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