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Pairing Foods for Greater Nutrition

Did you know that eating certain foods together can maximize your health benefits?  Pair the following foods together and enjoy greater nutrition!

Food pairings for greater nutrition

Chickpeas and Red Peppers – Good energy boosters.

Chickpeas contain iron.  Sometimes iron is too difficult to absorb on its own. Red peppers are a good source of vitamin C.  Red peppers unlock the plant-based iron found in chickpeas, making it accessible to blood cells. Try red peppers with or in your hummus.

Broccoli and Eggs – Good mood boosters.

Broccoli provides one of the most easily absorbed forms of calcium. Studies show that calcium can decrease depression and anxiety during PMS. Eggs contain vitamin D, which promote the absorption of calcium and bone health, and also can help with seasonal affective disorder and depression.

Pasta and Balsamic Vinegar – Good for trimming your waist-line.

Vinegar’s acetic acid slows down how quickly you digest and absorb glucose from starch.  This helps to control hunger and makes you less likely to eat later. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to a starchy dish to stabilize your post-meal blood sugar.

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