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O! Smelly Night – 4 Healthy Living Scents for a Merry Season

A pot of fresh rosemary by your kitchen window provides easy aroma therapy to boost your mood and promote healthy living.

A pot of fresh rosemary by your kitchen window provides easy aroma therapy to boost your mood and promote healthy living.

Did you know that some of your favorite scents of the season can also work wonders on your mood? Here are four natural scents that not only keep your home smelling clean and festive, they also boost merriment AND mental health in some important ways. These therapeutic aromas are part of a natural healthy living strategy and the best part is, they can be found right in your own kitchen cabinet:

  1. Cinnamon. One of my favorite holiday scents. It reminds me of the good ole days, when my sisters and I would help my mother make all kinds of Christmas cookies for the big Christmas feast. My mom’s kitchen would smell like gingerbread and cinnamon for hours after baking! One small whiff of cinnamon can actually sharpen your attention span and improve your working memory. But don’t over-do it. Only a small whiff is needed!
  2. Rosemary. Another lovely scent, for any season really. Rosemary can also help to improve your memory. Before you begin your next busy day full of working and running errands, remember to “stop and smell the Rosemary.” After all, a few smells of this natural essential oil and you’re more likely to remember future tasks when its necessary.
  3.  Vanilla. Ahh Vanilla. The sweet smell of holiday time, relaxing time, and dessert time all wrapped up in one! Smelling a little vanilla essential oil can leave you feeling calmer, more relaxed, and happier. Sounds great, right? It also works wonders for anxiety.
  4.  Peppermint. Good ole peppermint! The Christmas holiday would never be the same if the air we breathe and the candy we eat doesn’t emit our classic “peppermint candy cane” smell! The best part of this essential oil is that peppermint helps curb your hunger and make you feel more energized.  Getting a small “whiff” of peppermint throughout the day helps keep you feeling full, not hungry, which, in turn, allows you to reduce your caloric intake throughout the day. The minty aroma of peppermint increases your energy, so try using it before a workout, a run, or even before an early morning work shift or a final exam!

Feeling good is what the holiday season is all about, so why not take advantage of that by adding some essential oils to boost your energy and your mood!  A few drops is all you need.  To get your entire home smelling natural and festive and to promote healthy living, dab a few drops of each essential oil onto a cotton ball and place them around your home.

Looking for other holiday tips? Hop on over to our Pinterest board: Holiday How To’s.

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