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Activities for Children for the Fourth of July

For most of us, celebrating the 4th of July usually means one thing – FIREWORKS!  Here are some activities to keep your children occupied until the frieworks begin.

July 4th activities for kids

Make a Statue of Liberty crown.  Make learning fun by teaching your children about the Statue of Liberty while doing a craft.  Make a replica of the crown by using metallic paint, glue and glitter, or just simply some tin foil from the kitchen. Construction paper can make a great headband, or try using paper plates for something a little sturdier. Use empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls for the statue of Liberty’s torch.

Have a patriotic bike parade.  Grab all the neighborhood kids and their bikes! Have everyone decorate their own bike at home and then meet for a parade or have a bike decorating party in your garage.  Decorate with streamers, painted tin cans on string trailing behind bikes, and balloons.

Read about America’s birthday.  Stop by the library or your neighborhood bookstore to pick up books for all ages about the story of America’s birthday.

Make 50 States cookies.  For a fun baking project that will also be a sneaky lesson in geography for the kids, try making 50 states cookies.  Decorate them with red, white and blue icing.

Watch American Legends.  An oldie but goodie by Disney is American Legends, which tells the story of famous Americans such as Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyan – try picking it up at your local video store or on Netflix – perfect for some downtime during the day before a late night out watching fireworks!

Listen to patriotic songs.  Pick up a CD of patriotic songs, or download some onto your computer or iPod. The Wee Sing series is always a hit with kids.

Start the 4th with a red, white and blue breakfast.  Get the 4th of July started off right with a fun red, white and blue breakfast that is also healthy! In clear glasses (or even clear plastic party cups), layer blueberries for the blue, strawberries and raspberries for the red and yogurt for the white. Sprinkle some hearty granola in between the layers too!

Make a care package for our troops.  The 4th of July is a great time to teach our kids about the special men and women who are serving our country.  Put together a care package of things that you gather together as a family or spend some time making cards.  Even the littlest things can show your appreciation.

Create a flag for your front door.  For an easy and fun twist on hanging a flag up this year, try making one from crepe paper on your front door or in your front window.  Pick up some red and white streamers from the store for the stripes. Use a piece of blue construction paper and draw on or paint on white stars.  Hang it so that the flag hangs down with the streamer stripes going from the top of your door to the bottom.

Watch fireworks on tv.  Get everyone in pajamas and watch the fireworks show from the comfort of your own home.

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