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Composting Made Easy

Composting made easy

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to keep a compost bin, and whether it is kept in your backyard or your kitchen, either method is easy.  Composting is not only great for the environment, for reducing the amount of methane and leachate organic waste gives off decomposing in a landfill, but it also produces a rich fertilizer that can strengthen any garden.  Despite what you have heard, composting doesn’t smell, as long as you avoid putting in meat and other stuff that doesn’t belong there!

Instead of throwing away uneaten food, coffee grounds, tea bags, nut shells, and dozens of other types of organic waste you make everyday, scrape those uneaten veggies and fruits off your plate and put them into your compost bin!

As waste decomposes in a landfill, it releases methane, which is highly flammable and is the reason why dumps have release valves to release the pressure methane builds up so it doesn’t cause an explosion.  If you compost, you create a rich soil that can reduce the need for water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Do you want to compost but don’t have room in your backyard? 
Get a medium to large-sized bin (or one that can fit under the sink), and throw equal parts of “browns” (twigs, dead leaves, branches) and “greens” (grass clippings, fruits, vegetables).  Once you have the “browns” and “greens” mixed together, let it settle for about five weeks.  After that, start throwing in your organic waste (eggshells, wool rags, hair, fur, fire place ashes, grass clippings).  Remember, not all organic waste (like dairy products, meat, coal, and charcoal) can be composted!

Your compost is ready to use as fertilizer when it starts to look like black dirt.  This usually takes about 6-8 weeks.  The product of compost is called humus and is great for your garden.

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