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Controlling Ants Naturally


Pesticides can be used to get rid of ants in your home, but the potent chemical compounds may be more harmful to you and the environment than the pests.  Here are some natural, non-toxic ways to get rid of ants.

  1. First, remove attractants.  Keep counters free of crumbs and sticky spots. Cover the sugar.  Cut off water sources such as drips or dishes left soaking overnight.
  2. Keep a small spray bottle of soapy water handy and spray the ants.
  3. Set out cucumber peels/slices at the ants point of entry.  Ants do not like cucumber, especially bitter cucumbers.
  4. Leave mint tea bags near areas where ants are.  Dry, crushed cloves or mint leaves also work.
  5. Make a trail line of cayenne pepper, citrus oil, lemon juice, cinnamon, or coffee grounds near the ant column point of entry.
  6. For those ants crawling around the deck, slip a few cut up cloves of garlic between the cracks.
  7. For long-term nontoxic control of ants, sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth where ants congregate.

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