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Getting Rid of Flies Naturally

If you are trying to get rid of flies around your home and you don’t want to use harmful chemical repellents, try out these natural methods:

Essential Oils.  There are many scents flies cannot stand, and one of these is eucalyptus oil.  Place a few drops of eucalyptus oil on absorbent cloth or in small containers to keep flies at bay.

Herbs.  There is one particular herb that naturally repels flies and will keep them away from your home, and that is basil.  Flies cannot stand basil, so consider buying or planting a few basil plants around the perimeter of your home.  Mint can also be a deterrent, and has a pleasant scent.  Make a few sachets out of crushed mint and hang them in areas of your home where flies seem to be a problem.

Homemade Fly Paper.  Make your own fly paper by using ingredients from home.  Combine equal parts of corn (or maple syrup) and sugar in a shallow pan or dish.  Cut about 1 inch wide strips from a brown paper bag.  Cut a hole through the top of each strip so string can be inserted through and used to hang the fly traps.  Soak the strips in the mixture for a few hours.  Hang your homemade fly trap anywhere in your home where flies are present.  Pleace a small cup or bowl underneath to catch any drips.

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