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Healthy Home Allergen Treatments for Spring

Protecting your home from allergens is simpler than you may think, however, some time and financial investments may need to be made in order to keep your allergy symptoms to a minimum and to reduce medical expenses. Preventative tools and products are worth the investment when it comes to allergies.

The goal is to create a safe, dust-free place where your body and lungs can rest after exposure to air pollution and other impurities. Cleansing the bedroom is a great place to begin since 30% of our lives are spent sleeping. Here are some tools and tips to follow.

The first step is to invest in an allergen-free pillow. Even though down pillows are soft and comfortable, they can aggravate allergies.  You can also find allergen-free pillowcases to create a barrier between you and the pillow.

Mattresses are the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. They love dark, warm and moist conditions. Start by vacuuming your mattress twice a month by using an upholstery tool to vacuum the top and the sides. After vacuuming, mattress covers are the best defense against dust mites. Similar to allergen-free pillowcases, a mattress cover will create a barrier between you and the mattress that will allow air to flow but will keep out dust mites.

The next step is to use a high quality, HEPA filtered vacuum when cleaning your bedroom and home. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. HEPA filters force air through a fine mesh to trap harmful air particles like pollen, pet dander and dust mites. Vacuuming at least twice a week with a HEPA filtered vacuum will help keep your bedroom dust free. Be careful when choosing a new vacuum as some are marketed as “HEPA-like” and may not be truly HEPA filtered.

Using a HEPA air purifier in your bedroom will also help prevent dust. When you’re out of the home, turn the air purifier to its lowest setting and turn it back up when you return. Purified air will help you sleep soundly and help your lungs rest after fighting polluted air during the day.

Next, dust your bedroom with a soft, large-loped microfiber cloth with a spritz of water. This tool will pick up dust and hold onto it. Aerosol cleaning products contain irritants that can aggravate allergies and should not be used in the bedroom. By using a microfiber cloth, you can clean your bedroom quickly without using toxic chemicals.

Fabric curtains and draperies harbor dust mites. You can either remove them completely and replace them with non-fabric blinds or shutters, or remove them at least twice a month and place them in the dryer on a hot setting. The heat will kill dust mites and remove dust and dirt.

Although this last tip is a major investment, it will help reduce allergens, dirt and germs in your home. Remove wall-to-wall carpeting in your room and replace with hardwood flooring. Carpets absorb dust and hold onto it. It’s very difficult to rid carpet of dust, dirt and allergens completely. Once carpet has been removed, you can use small area rugs. They will need to be placed in the dryer at least once a week to remove dust.

Keeping dust and dirt to a minimum within your home is the real goal when protecting yourself from allergens. These tips and tools will help reduce dust and allergens within your home and will lead to decreased medical costs and better health.

For more information on how you can protect your home safely, visit Leslie’s website!

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