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Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Having a clean home and living space is important but hiring a professional cleaning service can be quite daunting. There are many advantages to finding the right cleaning service near you, plus they offer many advantages over competitors.

We will look at some of the important factors to consider when making your selection.

The Benefits of a Professional House Cleaning Service

It is important to understand the advantages of a cleaning company that employs a team of full-time professionals who are insured, bonded, and certified.

When you find the right house cleaning service, you can expect a professional and reliable experience. Staff are trained and have the experience, equipment, and solutions to do the job safely and effectively. Owners monitor your satisfaction and assess their team members frequently. The best ones have a solid reputation built over many years of service in local markets.

Another advantage of working with a professional team is you don’t have to worry about missed cleanings. Vacations, illnesses, or vehicle troubles won’t impact you as they customer since they have other professionals with the same training to fill-in. Independent cleaners may not. Another advantage is that the trained teams work faster than a single individual and will be in and out of your home in less time.

Creating Room in Your Budget for a Professional Cleaning Service

While a professional cleaning service might appear a bit more expensive at first glance, there is more to the story. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, the reliability and professionalism will provide more value throughout your relationship.

There should be no hidden costs or surprise fees. Your quoted price for maid service should include everything from labor to house cleaning equipment to the cleaning solutions. This will allow you to properly budget.

How Frequently a Home Should Be Cleaned

Professional maid and cleaning services will give you an option of how often you want your home cleaned. You often have the option of “weekly”, “biweekly” (every two-weeks), and “monthly” (every four-weeks). Professional services have a standard of cleaning that they want to establish and maintain, so it will likely cost more for the first home cleaning. After that, you will have cleaning service in a specific day of week and at a consistent price to know and budget.

Weekly Cleaning Services

Weekly service is the most frequent cleaning that most professional cleaning services offer. This will keep your home’s condition in top share and your workload to a minimum. Now if only someone could do the laundry!

(Note: If you need daily service, then call your local Maid Brigade to discuss.)

Biweekly Cleaning Services

BiWeekly is the most popular cleaning frequency. It means every two-weeks and is a more budget-friendly option. Cleaning service every two weeks is priced slightly higher than weekly because it’s been longer since the team has been in your home to clean, but it’s still a high-value option.

Monthly Cleaning Services

Monthly cleaning service occurs every four-weeks vs the same date of each month. This is a distinction you need to know. Maid service every four-weeks is the most expensive cleaning frequency. Because of the time between cleanings, it will take the maids longer to complete their tasks. This means that the cost will be greater per service for clients.

Why Maid Brigade is the Best Choice for Professional Home Cleaning Services

Maid Brigade has been in the house cleaning business for over four decades with numerous locations across the U.S. and in Canada. We have dedicated teams of skilled and experienced cleaning professionals and have a great reputation for reliability, performance, safety, and innovation.

Our teams are fully insured, bonded, and certified.

PUREcleaning – Safe, Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

It is not enough for the home to simply be clean and tidy. It also needs to be disinfected. Unfortunately, the solutions used by many companies contain toxins that are left behind in your home after the service is complete. This is why Maid Brigade developed and uses the innovative PUREcleaning system.

It is a powerful, safe, and non-toxic method of effectively cleaning and disinfecting your home. This technology is exclusive to Maid Brigade and further proof of our commitment to you and your family.

Maid Brigade offers a range of flexible and customizable cleaning services. Contact your local Maid Brigade for a quote or more information.

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